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The ReMoneta Group is a strongly capitalised ReFinTech group based in the European Union.

We have designed a unique platform for the creation of disruptive products with true zero cost payments, transactions and transfers, by combining Real Estate, Finance and Technology.

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    • SYNC - a Quantum Product branded item
    • instead of $10 in-app purchases, SYNC allows micropayments from 0.01c converting free app users to paying clients
    • users can share/swap currency and earnings, generating commitment, additional interest and real value both inside and outside the app
    • increase loyalty with a real money eco-system so old and new users come back to use the app and -earn-
    • use one currency across multiple apps for cross-marketing, allowing users to buy goods and services, to build a larger community and attract new users

    EXIT and LAND

    • EXIT is a Quantum Product branded currency, 100% backed by USD, allowing you to switch between other currencies at 20x lower cost than alternatives
    • LAND is a currency with 100% of its value supported by land. At lower cost than alternatives on the market, it provides zero entry and exit costs, an ongoing income, a high development return and the flexibility to buy into or sell out of the product at any time, anywhere


    • ReMoneta is the base currency on the ReMoneta platform and a Quantum Product brand. It is the only currency in the world which increases steadily in value, without volatility, rather than falling like dollars, Euros or pounds
    • imagine a cup of coffee costing less tomorrow than it does today
    • Using a dual currency system, one floating and one non-tradable, land backing and a machine intelligent pricing model ensures that the currency price is always steady, predictable and backed by real, increasing value

    Founders, Team and Advisors

    Hadley Barrett
    CEO, Founder - MBA, Oxford University, Heads up marketing

    Hadley Barrett is an experienced leader with multiple project and company exits — founding, investing in, owning and/or chairing various real estate, media and investment companies and structures. His background includes successful technology leadership and entrepreneurship. Hadley has led real estate projects over 1bn Euro in gross development value.

    Harijs Svarcs
    Co-Founder - MSc (distinction) Cass, Heads up finance, banking and relationships

    Harijs has founded an $80m investment fund, has been Chairman of the Board and CEO of Swedbank’s investment management company, and held various positions in Latvia’s central bank, responsible for $3.5bn of assets.

    Jane Joe
    Analyst and auditor

    Jane has 9 years experience in international land/ real estate projects. She will analyse land and sustainability related to land purchases. Jane is a Qualified Breeam auditor and expert in the Green Building Council.

    Piibe Lind
    Project management

    Piibe has 11 years experience managing and supporting sustainable real estate projects across Europe. Piibe is a certified project manager and qualified sustainable real estate auditor. She will manage SPVs, companies, organisational structures financial structures and land assets.

    Anthony Robinson
    Asian social media and business development

    Anthony has been involved in various ICO projects such as WePower, Play2Live, Aidcoin, Leadcoin as well as the advisory agency FusionICO. Anthony will deal with business development and social media, with a particular Asian focus.

    Felix Sidokhine
    Technical advisory

    Felix has tremendous experience in both traditional finance and blockchain. He has been involved in projects such as the huge Dinar Dirham raise and TrueFlip. A managing partner in a software company, he will handle technical and financial advisory.

    Gery Einberg
    Partnerships and real estate modelling

    Gery is a founder of companies dealing with project management, supervisions and real estate modelling/ evaluation. Gery achieved his PhD from KTH University. He will be responsible for partnerships and real estate modelling.

    Be the first to access our system, register for beta-testing, receive progress updates and free promotions


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